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2012 AGM Minutes

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 16th June 2012 at Albany Science College, Chorley


  • Michael Ruaux (Rivington Park)
  • Colin Walls (Manchester)
  • Nicholas Murphy (Bolton)
  • Natalia Gyuricska (Salle Kiss)
  • Matt Keppie (Stockport)
  • Stuart Marshall (Rivington Park)
  • Liz Chinn (Preston)
  • Alex Sharplin (Rivington Park)


Linda Kent (Manchester)

Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were not available in the material that Colin Walls had been given in his role as secretary.

CTW to write to the former secretary to see if documentation is available in electronic format


Correspondence had been received by Michael Ruaux regard the status of the regional committee


Chairman – Michael Ruaux

The regional committee that took over last year was formed unconstitutionally. As chairman pro tem MR wrote to the BFA to expain the situation and receive permission to operate until a new committee could be formed.

In view of the situation no monies have been spent apart from funding for the Cadet and Senior Winton cup teams.

No development plan was in place and although one was produced and circulated no responses were received. In view of the lack of constitutionality of the committee this was hardly surprising. However given that England Fencing is to move more funding to the regions and there is a possibility of a National Academy in the North West then this needs to change.

The committee is too small and is open to criticism. We need to expand it in order to take advantage of key areas of development.

Thanks to CTW for the revival and of the web site and the inclusion of new features such as payment systems, calendar, online registration for competitions etc. The website should form the communications hub for fencing within the region.

Secretary – Colin Walls

One of my major efforts this year have been to get the web site moving again and to make it more relevant to North-West fencers. This has required moving the site from a grace and favour server provided by Mark and Philippa Stratford to a commercial hosting company and to making many updates. This has resulted in the site receiving many more hits.

LC: It would be useful to make people aware of the benefits of registering for the site

I would like to stress that this is not my web site. I am actively looking for people to provide more information and suggest features for the site that could make it more attractive for users.

A second task has been to revive the North-West Junior Series tournaments in conjunction with Linda Kent and Stuart Marshall. Four competitions have now been run and a fifth is be negotiated with another fencing club to run one in the autumn.

The numbers of foilists and sabreurs taking part is encouraging, the number of epeeists less so. One thing that is disappointing is the limited number of clubs that are actually sending fencers.

I would like to thank Oliver Allmand-Smith of Stormguard Ltd. for sponsoring the competitions.

Treasurer – Nicholas Murphy

We have a healthy balance though there has been difficulties with running a current and savings account. Costs have been incurred when the current account became overdrawn and money was taken from the savings account.

The PayPal account used for online registration is currently limited because of the amount of money that has been put through it. This is currently in the state of being rectified.

BFNWR Accounts 2011-2012
Starting Balance as of 19/09/11 £5607.86
Date Income Expenses Details
20/12/2011   £1488.5 Cadet Winton Reimbursement to Nicholas Murphy for Entry, Accommodation and Fuel
20/12/2011 £1540   Cadet Winton Fees
10/01/2012   £395.88 NW Hoodies and Badges
12/01/2012   £190.27 Cadet Winton Reimbursement to Mark Fitton for Fuel
21/01/2012   £84.24 Reimbursement to Colin Walls for NW website hosting
09/03/2012   £1359 BYC Entries and Referee Levy
09/03/2012   £250 Senior Winton Entry Fee
16/03/2012 £1588   BYC Regional Entry Fees
21/03/2012   £24 Bounced cheque and charge
29/03/2012   £486.92 Salle Kiss NWJS Entry Fees
29/03/2012   £48.93 Reimbursement to Colin Walls for competition entry software
03/04/2012 £0.22   PayPal Verification Fees
03/04/2012 £500   NWJS Entry Fees
16/04/2012   £164.85 Reimbursement to Alex Simpson for NW medals
25/04/2012 £250   Bounced cheque
25/04/2012   £25 Charge for bounced cheque
26/04/2012   £30 Piste Hire for Winton Cup
05/05/2012   £134.95 Lancashire Schools Entry Fees
09/05/2012 £400   NWJS Entry Fees
24/05/2012   £362.94 Chester NWJS Entry Fees
Interest £1.98    
Income £4280.2    
Expenditure   £5045.48  
Profit/Loss -765.28    
Final Balance   £4842.58  
NG: Gift Aid may be a way of generating additional income
MR: The region could register as a good cause

Election of Officers

Only two nominations had been received before the meeting, one for Alex Sharplin as a committee member and one for Nick Murphy as treasurer

Michael Ruaux, nominated by C. Walls, seconded by N. Gyuricska. Elected nem con.
Colin Walls, nominated by M. Ruaux, seconded by N. Gyuricska. Elected nem con.
Nicholas Murphy, nominated by M. Ruaux, seconded by S. Marshall. Elected nem con.
Committee members
Natalia Gyuricska, Liz Chinn, Alex Sharplin, Matt Keppie

Any Other Business

  1. LC: Would the committee consider supporting the Veterans Winton squad in the same way as the Cadet and Senior squads.
    NM: The region has been approached to run a veterans competition
  2. LC: Would it be possible or desirable to have paper entries for competitions as well as online entry
  3. LC: Would clubs with conductive pistes consider allowing them to be used for the regional tournament.
  4. NG: Salle Kiss would be interested in providing regional training courses
  5. LC: Liverpool are running a level 1 coaching course

Next Meeting

Committee members will be contacted by email to determine the best date for the first committee meeting

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