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2014 EGM

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These are the minutes from the EGM held at Body and Mind Gym, Liverpool on 5th April 2014


Liz Chinn, Juliana Christianson, Stuart Marshall, Caleb McCarthy, Keith McCarthy, Nicholas Murphy, Andrew Thornley, Mavis Thornton



Liz Chinn, the BFNWR Secretary, explained the reason for the change to the constitution – Item 12.ii states that the financial year shall end on 30th June, however the AGM is to convene in May or June each year (Item 10.i), thus the accounts presented at the AGM would be a year out of date, not allowing for accurate and timely decision making.  It was proposed that the financial year shall end on 31st May. 



The adoption of the amendment to the constitution was then put to the vote.  All present voted in favour of the proposal.  A proxy vote in favour had already been received from Yvonne Walls.


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