Fencing Clubs in the North West of England

The club is well established with expert coaching, up-to date equipment, and enthusiastic club members. All equipment is provided by the club: weapons, protective garments and electric scoring equipment. You need only a tee shirt, leggings or tracksuit trousers, and indoor training shoes.

We welcome all new members, beginners or more experienced fencers.

Kendal Fencing Club was established in 1978 to promote the sport of fencing in Kendal, South Lakeland and surrounding areas. We are primarily a foil club but our members regularly indulge in epee and sabre.


Kendal Fencing Club invites fencers of all abilities to join us on our club nights whether on a permanent or visiting basis. Absolute beginners are always encouraged to join us and take up fencing as they are the future lifeblood of the sport.