Fencing Clubs in the North West of England

Keith McCarthy

In 2014, we are excited to announce the inaugural Liverpool Open Fencing Tournament, incorporating the Allstar Cup Foil, held at the Greenbank Sports Academy, Liverpool, L17 1AG (www.greenbanksportsacademy.co.uk).

The tournament will be held on the 8th and 9th of March, 2014. Weapons and times are as follows:

Saturday 8th March: Wheelchair Events:

  • Men's Foil (check-in closes at 9:00am) Men's Epee (check-in closes at 11:15am)
  • Women's Foil (check-in closes at 10:00am) Women's Epee (check-in closes at 1.30pm)
  • Men's Sabre (check-in closes at 10:15am) Women's Sabre (check-in close at 1.30pm)


Sunday 9th March: Wheelchair Events:


  • Men's Epee (check-in closes at 9:00am) Men's Foil (check-in closes at 11.:15am)
  • Women's Epee (check-in closes at 10:00am) Men's Sabre (check-in closes at 11.15am)
  • Women's Sabre (check-in closes at 10:15am) Women's Foil (check-in closes at 12.30pm)


Entry fees: £20 per weapon, £35 for two* (late entries £25 per weapon). Entries close 1st March 2014.


Anyone aged between 9 and 16 can get involved with our Junior Club!

As Liverpool fencing club does not accept members under the age of 12 this is a great way to get introduced to the world of fencing and you can be both members of both Liverpool Junior Fencing Club and the normal Liverpool Fencing Club provided you are over the age of 12.