Stuart Marshall

Stuart Marshall

The Manchester Fencing Centre

Over the last 3/4 months Stuart Marshall, Mike Swiffin and Dave Taylor have put all their free time, or not as the case may be, into the planning, nailing, sanding, filling, piste laying, carpet laying, painting, wiring, getting crushed under vending machines and making chairs for midgets. They are creating The Manchester Fencing Centre not only for Marshall Fencing Club but the future of fencing in the North West, as our legacy, and mainly for the pupils/students/fencers that we teach and bring to your child a facility that the North West can be proud of.
We are pleased to announce the date of our first ever training session at the Manchester Fencing Centre will be the Monday 9th NovemberMondays first session will be a soft openingThe 'Grand' opening will be at a later date when all non essential work is complete.
The centre is NOT a club and is open to anyone that would like to Train/Spar/Coach/Take lessons, If you want to fence in the centre you must be affiliated to The British Fencing Association. 


Monthly Membership
Student £30
Adult £40
Pay As You Go
Student £7
Adult £10
Group discount entry available
Coaches can come give lesson in the centre free of charge, but their students must pay the Pay as You Go fee or monthly membership.
Training Times at the moment - we will and more on demand.
Youth fencers start at 6.00pm - 7.30pm. 
Everyone else at 7.30pm - 10.00pm. All weapons welcome.
If you are not sure which session you should attend, please email or ring Stuart on 07791862655. 
Venue address
The Manchester Fencing Centre, Osborne Mill, Waddington Street, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 6QH
There are two competitions coming up that are to be held in the new venue. One is an Under 14 and Under 11 event on the 28th November and the Marshall Fencing Club Championships and the 6th December. Both events can be found here 



Here are (hopefully) all the North West Results at the English Youth Championships that took place on the 20th and 21st of June. Congratulations to all fencers. Especially medalists in the Epee and Sabre.




Boys Under 11 Foil

Ethan Smyth                8th Salle Kiss

Dominic Kiss                17th Salle Kiss

Kairo Fellone                38th Salle Kiss

Frazer Campbell            60th Chester Salle Scipanovs

Girls Under 11 Foil 

Olivia Ngo                    13th Salle Kiss

Boys Under 13 Foil

Alex Home                     10th Salle Kiss

Ben Houghton               43rd  Marshall fencing

Girls Under 13 Foil

Sydney Williams-Howe      24th Salle Kiss

Girls Under 15 Foil 

Pheobe Newton Hughes   10th Marshall Fencing





Boys Under 13 Epee

Nicholas Grimshaw       9th Stockport Swords

Girls Under 13 Epee

Hannah Heaps                BRONZE Lancashire Fencing Club

Boys Under 15 Epee

Dominic Paul                7th Stockport Swords

Girls Under 15  Epee

Jasmine Heaps                GOLD Lancashire Fencing Club





Boys Under 11 Sabre  

Eli Bush                     SILVER Marshall Fencing


Boys Under 13 Sabre  

Gabriel Dunn              5th   Marshall Fencing

Cormac Sale               8th Marshall Fencing

Nathaniel Fidler          10th Marshall Fencing

Nathan Chorlton         17th Marshall Fencing

Daniel Aldgate            18th Marshall Fencing


Boys Under 15  Sabre 

James Edwards            SILVER Marshall Fencing

Drew Thornley              6th Marshall Fencing

Rohan Smith                 20th Marshall Fencing

Daniel Westhead           24th Marshall Fencing


Girls Under 11 Sabre

Nicole Saunders            5th Marshall Fencing


Girls Under 13 Sabre 

Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson  GOLD Marshall Fencing

Aaliyah Sharplin             SILVER Marshall Fencing

Alice Banister                 5th Marshall Fencing

Sasha Vellins                 6th Stockport/Marshall Fencing


Girls Under 15 Sabre 

Grace Grimshaw              BRONZE Stockport/Marshall Fencing

Alice Moore                     9th Marshall Fencing

Olivia Dunn                      11th Marshall Fencing



Oldham Sports Award

Stuart Marshall, Dave Taylor and Michael Swiffin have been working hard to build the reputation and participation of fencing in Manchester, One of the boroughs they work in is Oldham. For their efforts, Oldham Sports Development team have nominated Marshall Fencing Club as one of the best sports clubs in Oldham. The winner will be announced on the 10th July at a sports awards evening celebrating the hard work sports clubs, coaches and volunteers put into their sport.

Busy club night at Marshall fencing club

An extract from Marshall Fencing Clubs nomination statement.

'Fencers attending the club have risen from just under the 30 mark in Feb 2014 to 70+ in Feb 2015 and attract fencers from all over the north of England. In May this year we qualified 37 Fencers in 10 different age group categories for the British Youth Championships, this is the largest number from any club in the country. This was held in Sheffield and was represented by the best fencers from every region in the country. We gained 13 medals from this event. As a club throughout the year, we acquire medals at most competitions we enter in age groups U10/U12/U14/U17/U20 and senior competition, even up to Veteran(40+) national medals.

We have a young fencer, James Edwards representing England in the Junior Commonwealth Championship in South Africa this year. Head coach Stuart Marshall was U15 England team coach for the 3rd consecutive year and UK school games England head coach. Assistant Coach David Taylor came 5th at the Veterans Commonwealth championships for New Zealand. Assistant Coach Michael Swiffin was New Zealand Team Coach at the Commonwealth Championship and Michael has Represented England in the Veterans 4 nations Competition returning with a gold medal. Yvonne Walls represented Great Britain in the Veterans European and World Championship. We sent a Squad youth fencers to Germany, Poland, France, Italy for fencing Competitions at various age groups representing England, Scotland and Great Britain.'

We are a specialist sabre club offering an excellent development program that focuses on the individual needs of each member.

British Fencing has created a Regional Hub Network has been created to support fencing in the local community. The North West hub is responsible for organising and hosting activities that will:

  • support coaches, officials, volunteers, clubs and fencers
  • develop coaching, training, education and awareness
  • offer activities from fencing to coach CPD;
    • referee and armoury information;
    • nutrition courses;
    • local funding grants;
    • club development training; etc.

The region will has a Regional Hub Lead Officer (RHLO) who organises and co-ordinate the events in response to the local needs, they can be contacted using the form on the Contacts page.

The events that are organised are displayed in the calendar and can be booked online using the form on the Hub Development page.