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Friday, 29 January 2016 12:03

John Whitworth

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John Whitworth, long time coach at Trafford Sword Club has died. His funeral will be on 9th February at 2.30pm at Altrincham Crematorium.

John wanted everyone to gather afterwards at the pub for a ‘pie and a pint’ (of course) so Ronnette has arranged a ‘wake’ at the Quarry Bank, Bloomsbury Lane, Timperley – the entrance to the pub car park is on Grove Lane.

If you can please come and join the honour guard, Gill Prideaux and Penny Needham will be bringing along some extra swords just in case. Please meet at the Crematorium about 2.15.

John, being John, wanted to go to his funeral in a Fencing bag (and why not) apparently that is not possible so Ronnette and Family have organised a cardboard coffin and she would like everyone to send her stickers, photos, poems in fact anything that reminds you of John. These will be put on the coffin and his fencing bag put on top. He has also requested that he travels in the back of his Son-in-Law’s van so there will be no hearse!

Final request from John …. Don’t wear black … He didn’t want a lot of crows at his funeral !!!

John was a true individual and you only have the pleasure of meeting one just once or twice through your life – so let’s go and celebrate the life of a unique man.

Address to send the items for the coffin to;

Mrs. R. Whitworth, 39 Perry Road, Timperley, Cheshire WA15 7SX
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