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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 08:40

BYC 2017 Results

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We had some great results in the British Youth Championships for 2017 (as shown in the table below).
All our competitors fenced well, and were a credit to the Region!

Well done everyone!

Competition Foil Épée Sabre
Boys Under-12 Dominic Kiss - bronze
Oliver Hobson - 35th
Callum Evans - 41st
Andrew Clarke - 52nd
  Zachary Woodward - bronze
Bogdan Mara - 8th
Nathan Taylor - 13th
Aum Khurana - 45th
Girls Under-12 Stephanie Currie - 23rd
Pako Elseehy - 30th
Aaliyah Khan - 54th
Stephanie Currie - 22nd
Grace Michell - 28th
Sophia Neophytou - 31st
Bethany Brierley - gold
Eleanor Blackledge - bronze
Honey Cooper - 9th
Boys Under-14 Fraser Clark - 19th
James Melia - 56th
Eoin O'Brien - 60th
Kim-Hendrik Merk - 67th
Levi Randall-Morgan - 14th
John Boyle - 53rd
Cormac Sale - silver
Nathan Chorlton - 5th
Daniel Aldgate - 8th
Nathaniel Fidler - 9th
Girls Under-14 Bronwen Hyde - 6th
Celena Appleby-Price - 12th
Sydney Williams-Howe 23rd
Olivia Ngo - 36th
Grace Emmet - 44th
Celia Conway - 40th Zara Liu - bronze
Nicole Saunders - 5th
Bridget Belcher - 11th
Amy Campbell - 21st
Boys Under-16 Adam Suha - bronze
Elliott Christianson - 29th
Philip Dobson 37th
James Edward Moore 51st
Jamie McGilloway 53rd
Harry Gibson - 24th
Rowan Fitton - 29th
Alistair Moir 38th
Drew Thornley - silver
Rohan Smith - 6th
Dan Westhead - 12th
McKenzie Malkin - 37th
Girls Under-16 Amy Home - 5th
Phoebe Newton-Hughes - 6th
Rachel Jones - 16th
Hannah Heaps - 9th
Isabelle Woodman - 40th
Aaliyah Sharplin - 20th
Boys Under-18 Alexander Jones - 7th
Ashley Dawson - 19th
Joseph-William Szetu 46th
  James Edwards - Gold
Joseph Westhead - 11th
Jacob Tully - 17th
James Wilson - 18th
Cameron Chisholm - 38th
Girls Under-18   Jasmine Heaps - bronze Brigitta Suha - 5th
Alice Moore - 9th
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