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Interim Selection Procedure for Veterans Winton Cup Team

This is an interim selection procedure to determine the composition of Teams for all weapons and genders for the Veterans Winton Cup to take place in September 2016.

It has been put in place to expedite the selection process for this year, and will be ratified or modified as seen fit by the BFNWR Committee at the AGM in 2016.

Selection Procedure

After the Veterans National Championships an initial candidate list shall be constructed from fencers within or affiliated to the NW Region according to the following criteria:

  1. Veterans National Championships Top 32 placing (Number of prospective candidates will vary with weapon and gender, depending on entry number in any given year).
  2. Senior Rankings top 100 (Again this will vary with weapon and gender).

The Team Captains will select an initial team and ask for acceptance from the fencers.

After the acceptance deadline, the Team Captains will submit the names of fencers for the Teams to the NW Committee for ratification.

Following this, the Team for each weapon and gender will be published on the NW Fencing website.

However, if the required quota of four per team is not achieved, then the Team Captains can fill the remaining places according to the position of required fencers at the NW Regional Championships, and/or at the discretion of the Team Captains, working in unison.

The final Team list will be published on the NW Website.

Should there still be any places left to fill, then the Team Captains will approach the Veteran Organisers/Chairman for help in filling them from the pool of fencers know to the BVF who are available to fence at the event and who wish to be allocated to any team.

 In exceptional circumstances not covered by existing selection rules, the North West Committee will be the decision-making body.

Selection of teams will be announced in time for an appeal to be processed prior to the event in question. Any fencer wishing to appeal should send a written outline of their case to the North West Chair. A closing date for appeals will be announced when selections are published on the NW Website.

The selection rules for fencers the Senior Winton Cup have changed and are as shown below.


The four members of the team at each weapon and gender will be selected from:

TWO PLACES: for fencers gaining the first two places at the North West Regional Championships

ONE PLACE: for the highest ranked fencer in the national rankings

ONE DISCRETIONARY PLACE: to be decided by the Regional Captain, based on rankings and previous competitive in formation.


The Regional Captain will obtain the BF numbers of all team members, and provide a list of names and numbers to the competition organisers prior to check in.


Place holder for Cadet Winton selection rules.

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