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Yvonne Walls


The North West Region Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 24th June at 9am at The Manchester Fencing Centre, Osborne Mill, Waddington Street, Oldham OL9 6QH.

Nominations are being taken for places on the NW Committee (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, NW Team Captain, NWJS Coordinator, Regional Development Officer, Welfare Officer)
Nominations must be proposed and seconded and with the agreement of the person being nominated.

Please return the following information to Jason Fidler, the NWR Secretary by 1st June.

Committee Position:



Any items for the agenda please also send to Jason by 1st June.


Best wishes,

Jason Fidler

Secretary, EFNWR

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


We had some great results in the British Youth Championships for 2017 (as shown in the table below).
All our competitors fenced well, and were a credit to the Region!

Well done everyone!

Competition Foil Épée Sabre
Boys Under-12 Dominic Kiss - bronze
Oliver Hobson - 35th
Callum Evans - 41st
Andrew Clarke - 52nd
  Zachary Woodward - bronze
Bogdan Mara - 8th
Nathan Taylor - 13th
Aum Khurana - 45th
Girls Under-12 Stephanie Currie - 23rd
Pako Elseehy - 30th
Aaliyah Khan - 54th
Stephanie Currie - 22nd
Grace Michell - 28th
Sophia Neophytou - 31st
Bethany Brierley - gold
Eleanor Blackledge - bronze
Honey Cooper - 9th
Boys Under-14 Fraser Clark - 19th
James Melia - 56th
Eoin O'Brien - 60th
Kim-Hendrik Merk - 67th
Levi Randall-Morgan - 14th
John Boyle - 53rd
Cormac Sale - silver
Nathan Chorlton - 5th
Daniel Aldgate - 8th
Nathaniel Fidler - 9th
Girls Under-14 Bronwen Hyde - 6th
Celena Appleby-Price - 12th
Sydney Williams-Howe 23rd
Olivia Ngo - 36th
Grace Emmet - 44th
Celia Conway - 40th Zara Liu - bronze
Nicole Saunders - 5th
Bridget Belcher - 11th
Amy Campbell - 21st
Boys Under-16 Adam Suha - bronze
Elliott Christianson - 29th
Philip Dobson 37th
James Edward Moore 51st
Jamie McGilloway 53rd
Harry Gibson - 24th
Rowan Fitton - 29th
Alistair Moir 38th
Drew Thornley - silver
Rohan Smith - 6th
Dan Westhead - 12th
McKenzie Malkin - 37th
Girls Under-16 Amy Home - 5th
Phoebe Newton-Hughes - 6th
Rachel Jones - 16th
Hannah Heaps - 9th
Isabelle Woodman - 40th
Aaliyah Sharplin - 20th
Boys Under-18 Alexander Jones - 7th
Ashley Dawson - 19th
Joseph-William Szetu 46th
  James Edwards - Gold
Joseph Westhead - 11th
Jacob Tully - 17th
James Wilson - 18th
Cameron Chisholm - 38th
Girls Under-18   Jasmine Heaps - bronze Brigitta Suha - 5th
Alice Moore - 9th

The North West team descended into Nottingham again, to Nottingham Trent University for a weekend of fencing with 9 other regions.

We had a last minute scrabble to complete the Women's Foil team. After going through all the known options, we ended up using Hannah Heaps to start with and Emily Ruaux as the reserve (after completing her sabre duties). Hannah deserved my thanks and appreciation for accepting the role even though she'd never used a foil up till a couple of days before the competition and was the youngest competitor!
All the teams battled hard and fought as well as they could over the weekend with especially strong performances from the women's epee team of Katrina Smith, Jasmine Heaps and Emily Southern who won best team. Both of the sabre teams who finished second, and Jenny Schofield who only dropped one bout all weekend in women's foil.


We had a great team performance winning 8 matches and only lost a very close team match to South East.

It was nice to see some old faces back in the mix and wanting to compete again

Unfortunately we finished in second place even though we won the most matches outright!

The South East again won although it was very tight with their two draws being counted as victories on indicators.

Potentially one or two hits decided it in their favour, the closest it's ever been!

Nicholas Murphy

Elaine at BBC Victoria Derbyshire's programme has sent the NW Region this message:


We broadcast every weekday morning between 11-1 on BBC2 and the BBC News Channel.


We are looking for OLYMPICS / PARALYMPICS fans to apply to be part of a programme we will be broadcasting live from Manchester on Monday 17th November to tie in with the parade in the city.


This can include people who have watched many of the events, people who have been inspired to take up sport because of the games, people who are not sporty but stepped foot in a gym for the first time as they were inspired by the games or people who are currently training hoping to be a star in 2020!


We would love if you could help us spread the word about this programme and encourage people to apply to be in the audience.


They may even get a chance to ask a question to their hero - or at least be in the same room!


Anyone who applies would most likely need to be available from 7am - 1pm on Monday 17th.


So if you would like to take part in the programme, and maybe get on TV, all you have to do is email Elaine:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.00000000

Men's Foil

Place Name Club
1 Alexander Jones Salle Kiss
2 Nicholas Murphy Northwich Fencing Club
3 James Dix University of Manchester
3 Michael Swiffin Marshall Fencing
5 Mike Elston Salle Kiss

Women's Foil

Place Name Club
1 Sidhra Mahmood Salle Angelo
2 Ikra Mahmood Salle Angelo

Men's Épée

Place Name Club
1 Dominic Paul Stockport Sword
2 Connor Staniforth Marshall Fencing
3 Michael Swiffin Marshall Fencing
3 Nicholas Murphy Northwich Fencing Club
5 Mike Elston Salle Kiss
6 Kevan Riley Lancashire Sword

Men's Sabre

Place Name Club
1 Andrew Thornley Marshall Fencing
2 Drew Thornley Marshall Fencing
3 Michael Swiffin Marshall Fencing
3 Nicholas Murphy Northwich Fencing Club
5 Connor Staniforth Marshall Fencing
5 Mike Elston Salle Kiss

Women's Sabre

Place Name Club
1 Yvonne Walls Marshall Fencing
2 Lindsey Hogg Marshall Fencing
3 Ellen Robbins Wilkinson Marshall Fencing

Master at Arms

Place Name Club
1 Nicholas Murphy Northwich Fencing Club
2 Michael Swiffin Marshall Fencing
3 Mike Elston Salle Kiss

The Senior Winton Cup event will be held over the weekend of 10-11th July 2016.

The following fencers have been selected to represent the North West Region; and we wish them every success:


Some of the younger North West fencers had success at the recent Cadet and Junior National Championships.

We congratulate all our fencers who took part.

The notable last "8" results are:

Cadet Womens Foil

Amy Home (Salle Kiss) 7th

Cadet Mens Sabre

James Edwards (Marshall) 5th

Cadet Womens Sabre

Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson (Marshall)  7th

Junior Womens Foil

Phoebe Newton-Hughes (Marshall)  6th

Junior Mens Sabre

James Edwards (Marshall)  3rd

England Fencing has finally published the results from the EYC competition held last weekend.

Notable quarter final highlights for our young NW fencers are given below.




Bronwen Hyde (Chester) - Gold


Amy Home (Salle Kiss) - Gold
Phoebe Newton-Hughes - Silver


Dominic Kiss (Salle Kiss) - 7th


Adam Suha (Stockport) - Bronze


Levi Randall-Morgan (Salle Kiss) - 5th


Harry Gibson (Northwich) - 5th


Zachary Woodward (Marshall) - Silver


Nathan Chorlton (Marshall) - Silver
Daniel Aldgate (Marshall) - 8th


Gabriel Dunn (Marshall) - Bronze
Drew Thornley (Marshall) - 5th
Rohan Smith (Marshall) - 7th


Bethany Brierley (Marshall) - Gold


Zara Liu (Marshall) - Gold
Nicole Saunders (Marshall) - 6th


Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson (Marshall) - Bronze
Aaliyah Sharplin (Marshall) - 8th

The North West Regional Championships will be held at the Manchester Fencing Centre, Osborn Mill, Waddington Street, Oldham, on Sunday 31st July 2016.


To allow for competitors to fence for the usual “Master at Arms” award, there will be one round of poules followed by direct elimination, or a poule unique if less than 12 fencers per weapon (to be decided by the fencers themselves, on the day).

Check-in will open at 9am, and fencing will start at 09.03 for epee, 11.03 for foil and 13.30 for sabre.

The entry fee for 1 weapon will be £18, for 2 weapons fenced £27, and fencing with all 3 weapons just £34.

There will be medals for the first 4 in each category and for the best placed Veteran and Cadet in each.

Entry can easily be made online with “Allentries”.

Interim Selection Procedure for Veterans Winton Cup Team

This is an interim selection procedure to determine the composition of Teams for all weapons and genders for the Veterans Winton Cup to take place in September 2016.

It has been put in place to expedite the selection process for this year, and will be ratified or modified as seen fit by the BFNWR Committee at the AGM in 2016.

Selection Procedure

After the Veterans National Championships an initial candidate list shall be constructed from fencers within or affiliated to the NW Region according to the following criteria:

  1. Veterans National Championships Top 32 placing (Number of prospective candidates will vary with weapon and gender, depending on entry number in any given year).
  2. Senior Rankings top 100 (Again this will vary with weapon and gender).

The Team Captains will select an initial team and ask for acceptance from the fencers.

After the acceptance deadline, the Team Captains will submit the names of fencers for the Teams to the NW Committee for ratification.

Following this, the Team for each weapon and gender will be published on the NW Fencing website.

However, if the required quota of four per team is not achieved, then the Team Captains can fill the remaining places according to the position of required fencers at the NW Regional Championships, and/or at the discretion of the Team Captains, working in unison.

The final Team list will be published on the NW Website.

Should there still be any places left to fill, then the Team Captains will approach the Veteran Organisers/Chairman for help in filling them from the pool of fencers know to the BVF who are available to fence at the event and who wish to be allocated to any team.

 In exceptional circumstances not covered by existing selection rules, the North West Committee will be the decision-making body.

Selection of teams will be announced in time for an appeal to be processed prior to the event in question. Any fencer wishing to appeal should send a written outline of their case to the North West Chair. A closing date for appeals will be announced when selections are published on the NW Website.

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