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Yvonne Walls

The selection rules for fencers the Senior Winton Cup have changed and are as shown below.


The four members of the team at each weapon and gender will be selected from:

TWO PLACES: for fencers gaining the first two places at the North West Regional Championships

ONE PLACE: for the highest ranked fencer in the national rankings

ONE DISCRETIONARY PLACE: to be decided by the Regional Captain, based on rankings and previous competitive in formation.


The Regional Captain will obtain the BF numbers of all team members, and provide a list of names and numbers to the competition organisers prior to check in.


Place holder for Cadet Winton selection rules.








Girls Foil U12


Girls Foil U14


Girls Foil U16


Girls Foil U18


Boys Foil U12


Boys Foil U14


Boys Foil U16


Boys Foil U18


Girls Epee U12


Girls Epee U14


Girls Epee U16


Girls Epee U18


Boys Epee U12


Boys Epee U14


Boys Epee U16


Boys Epee U18


Girls Sabre U12


Girls Sabre U14


Girls Sabre U16


Girls Sabre U18


Boys Sabre U12


Boys Sabre U14


Boys Sabre U16


Boys Sabre U18



The Manchester Fencing Centre
Osborne Mill,
Waddington Street,


Sat 12th March 2016


1 Round of Poules followed by Direct Elimination

Entry Fee:

£16 (Late entries £16 at organisers' discretion)

Please note: plus entry fee for BYC itself, for those who qualify. This must be paid by cash or cheque on the day.

Closing Date:

Thursday 100th March 2016


Medals will be awarded to the top four in each event.


use: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online Entry

To enter this competition online, go to www.allentries.co.uk and use “linky” NW-BYCQ16

Regional Championships


Sunday 28 June 2015, 08:00am - 05:00pm    

The North West Regional Championships will be held at West View Leisure Centre, Preston. The day will start at 9am with foil, then epee and finally sabre.  Mens and Womens Master At Arms trophies are there for the taking!

 Please enter via the electronic entry form on the website.


Location : West View Leisure Centre, Preston

Refreshments available.

Loads of parking, there's a climbing wall, gym and swimming pool available.



 by Liz Chinn

Here is the list of all our medallists from the BYC over the May Bank holiday weekend, 2015. Many congratulations to all of those who reached the quarter-finals or better, 20 medals from 63 entries is a significant achievement and one that helped the North-West to 6th place in the regional points race.

Boys Foil   Adam Suha - 3rd Alexander Jones - 3rd  
Girls Foil Bronwen Hyde - 3rd Amy Home - 1st
Phoebe Newton-Hughes - 3rd
Rachel Jones - 6th
Boys Épée Nicholas Grimshaw - 1st      
Girls Épée        
Boys Sabre Cormac Sale - 2nd
Daniel Aldgate -3rd
Nathaniel Fidler - 7th
Gabriel Dunn - 3rd
Drew Thornley - 5th
Jacob Tully - 8th Oliver Graham - 5th
Girls Sabre Zara Liu - 2nd
Elle Brierley - 3rd
Nicole Saunders - 5th
Bridget Belcher - 8th
  Olivia Dunn - 8th Ella Nightingale - 8th

Thomas Lindley, one of Coach Stuart Marshall’s Junior Sabre Fencers has set off from Heathrow Airport along with British Fencing Coaches and British Fencing Team Staff for 10 days of intense Fencing training at Szombathely, Hungary.

The trip is organised with British Fencing as part of the AASE program Thomas is currently completing.

The AASE program is an Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence and is run through the Colleges and British Fencing.  On satisfactory completion, Thomas will gain a recognised qualification in line with an A level.

On return from Hungary, Thomas will get 3 days rest before jetting off again, this time from Gatwick Airport to Tenerife for 14 days! Again this is part of the AASE program.

Tom will fly out with the South Gloucestershire and Stroud (SGS)  College and British Fencing Staff for 14 days of training with fencing and physical activities, altitude running, gym work and surfing.  They will be coaching local Spanish School Children, aged from 4 to 12 years of age and fencing with the local Spanish Fencers.  The program funded by the European Commission will give the Fencers taking part valuable  international work experience. All the fencers will be expected to  complete a certain amount of classroom based studies, including learning Spanish, for which they receive on satisfactory completion; an accredited qualification.

The AASE program is open to Fencing  Students age 16 and over who have completed satisfactory GCSEs and are going on to further education. It can be either taken as a full time college course or alongside existing college courses being taken, full details are available on the British Fencing Web Site.


On Friday 11th July Stuart Marshall won the Oldham Sport coach of the year award 2014. This was in recognition of the endless work in primary schools, secondary schools and  colleges Stuart has put in.  He has also been working with children with disabilities ,and helping to tutor the local sports development team, so they can teach GOFENCE in schools. Not least, he has set up Marshall Fencing club in Oldham.

Before Marshall Fencing  moved to Oldham in October 2013, there was no fencing presence in the borough. Now after only a few months Stuart Marshall and his team of coaches have made fencing a fun, accessible sport for all ages and abilities, and it has a foothold in the sporting development of children in Oldham.

Marshall Fencing Club is growing rapidly with the help of coaches Michael Swiffin, David Taylor and  Kian Ryan; all of whom have  put a lot of effort into the development of young people in  schools in Oldham and the surrounding areas.

Stuart on receiving this award said 'receiving this award took me by surprise, there are so many hard working coaches in Oldham aiming to deliver sports at a high level.  I have only been coaching  in Oldham for just a few months, and am so pleased that the judging panel have been very impressed with work I have done in such a short space of time. When asking who had put me forward for the award, I found out that it was the Oldham Sports Partnership and development team,  so I was over the moon.'

Stuart will continue to grow the sport of fencing by working closely with local partnerships, and utilising the knowledge and expertise of local homegrown coaches.

Stuart will now be shortlisted for Greater Manchester Sports coach of the year.

There were some notable achievements at the recent BYC Championships for some of the younger fencers from the Region.

A list of those who made the last 8 in any category are given below. Well done to you all!

Special mention must go to Daniel Kiss, of Salle Kiss, who won the U16 Boys Foil title. Our congratulations to Daniel!


Under-12 Girls Foil - Bronwen Hyde, Salle Scipanovs, 8th
Under-14 Girls Foil - Amy Home, Salle Kiss, 8th
Under-16 Boys Foil - Daniel Kiss, Salle Kiss, 1st. and Alex Jones, Salle Kiss, 5th

Under-12 Girls Epee - Hannah Heaps, Stockport Tigers, 7th
Under-14 Boys Epee - Dominic Paul, Stockport Sword Club, 3rd
Under-18 Girls Epee - Ashley Ng, 7th

Under-12 Boys Sabre - Gabriel Dunn, Rivington Park, 3rd
Under-12 Girls Sabre - Aaliyah Sharplin, Rivington Park, 8th
Under-14 Boys Sabre - James Edwards, Marshall Fencing, 7th

Many congratulations to George Morris from Stockport Sword Club on gaining second place in the epee event at the "Challenge Wratislavia" Tournament  in Poland, held between 27-31st March 2014.

On 17th May 2014, there will be a new Leon Paul Junior Series competition in the East Midlands region.
Details can be found at - http://www.leonpauljuniorseries.com/?q=node%2F333

The entry form can be found at - http://radcliffeswordclub.co.uk/competitions.html
LPJS Ranking points will be available.

This competition was previously known as the Sherwood Foil and is now being run between A&C Fencing Club and Radcliffe Sword Club.

Many thanks,
Barry - RH LPJS Organiser

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