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2010 Results

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Find below the results for the 2010 BYC Qualifiers:


BYC Qualifiers Results 7th March 2010

Boy’s Foil U12


1 Daniel Kiss Salle Kiss
2 Thomas Phillips-Langley Dunes


Boy’s  Foil U14


1 Liam Hidderley Dunes
2 David Trapnell Rossall School
3 Connor Lowther-Edwards Morecambe
3 Martin Bluck Ashton
5 Jonathon Ashton Arnold


Boy’s Foil U16


1 Thomas Corlett Salle Kiss
2 Mark Cudworth Salle Kiss
3 Matthew Duggan Cressy
3 Kristofers Scipanovs Chester
5 Christopher Smith Chester
6 Keelan Knight Kendal
7 Angus Ross Kendal


Boy’s Foil U18


1 Matthew Fitton Salle Kiss
2 David Charles-Hendy Chester
3 James Hudak Ashton
3 James Fox Bramhall


Girl’s Foil U12


1 Aimee Cope Salle Kiss
2 Laura Bradley Salle Kiss
3 Lauren Duggan Cressy
3 Jessica Archer Salle Kiss


Girl’s Foil U14


1 Isobel Ferris Salle Kiss
2 Jade Bullen Salle Kiss


Girl’s Foil U16


1 Hannah Archer Dunes
2 Elaine Barker Kendal
3 Emma Barnes Bramhall


Boy’s  Epee U12


1 Sam Thompson Lancaster Sword


Boy’s Epee U14


1 David Trapnell Rossall School
2 Martin Bluck Ashton
3 William Eccleston Arnold
3 Jonathon Ashton Arnold


Boy’s  Epee U16


1 Jamie Simpson Stockport


Boy’s  Epee U18


1 Dominic Cross West Lancs
2 Mark Roper Arnold
3 Tobias Cleaver-Ross Arnold
3 Matthew Albers Manx


Girl’s  Epee U12


1 Holly Marston Romiley
2 Lauren Duggan Cressy


Girl’s Epee U16


1 Katie Shaw Arnold
2 Beth Rothwell Rivington Park


Girl’s  Epee U18


1 Alexandra Shaw Arnold



Boy’s  Sabre U12


1 Thomas Hinson Morecambe
2 Lewis Brennan Rivington Park
3 George McDermott Tameside
3 George Hinson Morecambe
5 Jacob Tully Tameside
6 Charlie Kenyon Tameside


Boy’s  Sabre U14


1 Ben Kingcox Morecambe
2 Thomas Lindley Rivington Park
3 Krishan Patel Rivington Park
3 Jack Pendlebury Rivington Park
5 William Eccleston Arnold
6 Aidan Ray Lancaster Sword


Boy’s  Sabre U16


1 Jamie Simpson Stockport
2 Robert Veitch Stockport
3 Jacques Beeley Tameside


Boy’s  Epee U18


1 Patrick Jennings Rivington Park
2 Marix Slatter-Toubas Morecambe


Girl’s Sabre U12


1 Lauren Duggan Cressy
2 Megan Eccles Arnold


Girl’s  Sabre U14


1 Rebecca Wignall Bolton


Girl’s  Sabre U16


1 Harriet Tallon Rivington


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